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Amy Lee Hochman

Cell phone: (646) 354-9596


Experience - most recent:

Edited on Avid unless otherwise noted

"Marketing 100”  (Premiere) 

Strayer University, New York City – 07/23 - 09/23 

(Strayer University) 


"The Today Show" 

NBCUniversal, New York City – 10/17 - Present 


"Bloom Coaching”  (audio only on Premiere) 

Bloom Coaching, London, UK  – 03/23 - 04/23 

(Bloom Coaching App) 

"Dateline on Oxygen" 

NBCUniversal, New York City – 10/22 - 02/23 


"Shop All Day" 

NBCUniversal, New York City – 10/21 - 10/22 


"Top Story With Tom LLamas" 

NBCUniversal, New York City – 08/21 - 10/21 



"Jurassic Park:The Unknown Story" 

Reelz Originals, New York City – 06/21 - 08/21 


"Tulsa 1921: An American Tragedy "

CBS News, New York City - 05/21 - 05/21

(CBS, BET, Paramount +, Smithsonian Channel )

"Action Planet: Meeting the Climate Challenge"

NowThis, New York City - 04/21 - 04/21

(Discovery Channel)


"Hall of Flame: Top 100 Comedy Central Roast Moments"

Comedy Central, New York City - 02/21 - 03/21

(Comedy Central)


"Paranormal Caught on Camera"

"Doomsday on Camera"

Meetinghouse Productions, New York City - 08/20 - 10/20



Experience - ongoing:

Avid Editor

Responsible for editing segments for The Today Show, Weekend Today, Today All Day Digital,

Various E-Commerce Projects, The Investigative Unit, Dateline, and MSNBC longform programming, 

as well as editing promotional and marketing material for Meet the Press, the Today Show, and Dateline.

(NBC Network)

Responsible for editing long-form programs including;

    ✥ George Herbert Walker Bush: A Life of Service (MSNBC)

    ✥ Front Page with Keith Morrison, Sean Avery: Guily or Innocent? (Investigation Discovery)

    ✥ Little People Big World Season Finale (TLC)

    ✥ I Am Jazz: The Family Tells All (TLC)

    ✥ Jon Stewart Has Left the Building (MSNBC)

    ✥ Weather Gone Viral (TWC)

    ✥ Weather Caught on Camera (TWC) premier and last episode for Hurricane Week and Wild, Wild                   Weather

    ✥ Caught on Camera (MSNBC) episodes Labor Pain, In the Act, Odd and Outrageous, Mysteries and               Monsters, Defiance, Fight or Flight, What Happens Next, Exposed, and Don’t Try This At

        Home (additional editor)

    ✥ Food Paradise: London (The Travel Channel); Hidden London (additional editor) (The Travel Channel)

    ✥ Beyond the Headlines: An Officer and a Murderer (Lifetime); Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth             (TLC); and America’s Got Talent recap shows (NBC Network)

Editorial assignments also included show opens and webisodes for the aforementioned shows, plus a sizzle reel to pitch That’s A’mare, a reality show about the life of New York Knicks basketball player A’mare Stoudamire.


Additionally responsible for performing Avid color correction and sound mixing for the Caught on Camera episodes Don’t Try This At Home, They Fought the Law, and Very Bad Day, as well as online finishing for the following series: The Brokaw Files (The Military Channel), Secrets of the Military (The Military Channel), Dateline on ID (Discovery ID) and Dateline Real Life Mysteries (TLC).

Peacock Productions


Final Cut X Editor

Responsible for editing and color correcting segments for Open House NY (NBC local stations).


NBCUniversal, New York City – 10/11 - present

Avid/Velocity/Videotape Editor

Responsible for editing news packages, show opens, promos, and special projects for World News Tonight, Weekend News, Good Morning America, Prime Time Live, This Week, Nightline, 20/20, and ABC Sports as well as presentations for the ABC Network marketing department.

ABC News, New York City - 5/97- Present

Premiere Editor

Responsible for editing video content for "New York Sports Tours Gamechangers", a live tour of New York City sports

landmarks with a live host and supplemental documentary-style video segments. 

New York Sports Tours,LLC, New York City - 11/16 - Present

Experience - Limited Term:

Avid Editor

Responsible for editing segments for "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?", a two-hour interview and panel show. (Fox)

Third Force Productions, New York City - 05/16


Avid Editor

Responsible for editing segments for "Conventional Wisdom", an 8 part series that was shown on the Politico website during the 2016 Republican and Democratic conventions.

Retro Report, New York City - 05/16

Avid Editor

Responsible for editing material for VH1 2016 Upfront presentation.

Z-Tribeca, New York City - 03/16

Premiere Supervising Editor

Responsible for editorial supervision and additional editing. Directed by Dave Grotell.

"How to Have a Heart Attack", Astoria, NY 07/15

Avid/Final Cut/Velocity Editor

Responsible for editing sports highlights and features for Knicks, Rangers, and Red Bulls pre and postgame shows, as well as promos, features, and compilation shows for the MSG Network. Edited show opens, sports highlights and features for the show MSG, NY (10/06 – 6/08).

Madison Square Garden Network, New York City - 10/06 – 01/16

Avid Editor

Responsible for editing packages for afternoon and evening news programs.

Al Jazeera America – 11/13 – 04/16

Final Cut Editor

Responsible for additional editing and color correction and finishing of dvd extra material for this independent documentary. Directed by Dana Ben-Ari.

"Breastmilk", Brooklyn, NY - 06/14


Final Cut Editor

Responsible for editing international theatrical and television promotional trailers for this independent film. Directed by Sean Gullette.

"Traitors", New York City - 05/14

Avid Editor

Responsible for editing sports highlights and features for the following network programs; The WheelHouse, Loud Mouths, Geico SportsNight, and the Mets and Jets pre and postgame shows.

SportsNet New York, New York City - 08/10 – 01/13


Final Cut Editor

Responsible for editing webisodes for the reality elimination-competition series Maximum Warrior 2011.

Grand Street Media, New York City - 08/11– 09/11

Avid and Videotape Post Production Editor

Responsible for additional editing, color correcting, audio mixing, online finishing, and fixing non-linear outputs of various shows for numerous networks including;

   ✥The Sins of Hollywood, Death in the House of Brando (AMC)

   ✥Vietnam: The Soldier’s Story: From the River to the Sea (History Channel)

   ✥War in the Gulf: The Soldier’s Story: Airstrike (History Channel)

   ✥The History of the Wife (History Channel)

   ✥Sex in Our Century (TLC)

   ✥The Big Dig (TLC)

   ✥Ghost Soldiers (TLC)

   ✥Imelda Marcos (A&E)

   ✥Dame Edna (A&E)

   ✥Raymond Burr (A&E)

   ✥Mackenzie Phillips (A&E)

   ✥Oprah Winfrey (A&E)

   ✥Tony Randall (A&E)

   ✥Donald Trump (A&E)

   ✥Court TV Safety Challenge 2001 (Court TV)

   ✥The Beatles Revolution (ABC)

   ✥John’s Hopkins 24/7 (Discovery Health)

ABC News All Media Group (Formerly ABC News Productions), New York City - 5/98 – 05/10


Avid Symphony Editor

Responsible for editing promotional commercials and marketing projects for Lifetime Network and Lifetime Movie Network.

Lifetime Television, New York City - 7/01- 5/02


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