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Amy Lee Hochman

Cell phone: (646) 354-9596


I have an ever-growing and diverse pool of clients, from news to sports to reality to independent film. I have experience editing promos, opens, sizzles, webisodes, news packages, longform, theatrical movie trailers, even dvd extras. I do online color correction and finishing too.


In this rapidly changing field, not only do I maintain high technical standards, I'm

fast and reliable, I know the most current editing softwares, have a thick skin, and bring alot to the table in terms of creative input. I have lots of ideas to make a segment flow and I'm especially facile at Avid and Premiere effects. Using music and sound effects to augment/enhance mood is another specialty of mine.

I'm flexible schedule-wise, and have an easy-going disposition, plus the sense of humor that is necessary to work in this nutty business of show for as long as I have.


I'm passionate about my craft, and am always eager for new experiences. So, let's have a new experience together - shall we? How about clicking right below?

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